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We Annonymously Serve The Befold Industries

Chemical Industry Process

The quality of tube ice is actually better than the water it is made since the impurities present in the water are moved to the center of the ice tube and discharged during defrost ensuring that clean, crystal ice tubes are formed. Hence it improves the quality of the end product when used as a cooling agent during chemical reactions. Also it does not cause adverse effect on chemical/dye vessel thereby prevents damage to the vessel lining.

Food Process

Tube ice is used in poultry, red meat and sausage plants to retard heat built-up bacteria and salmonella growth as well as to prevent water weight loss during shipment. In the bakery industry it is used to mix ingredients, eliminate moisture and to keep yeast from working until the appropriate time. It can also be used for preserving fruits and vegetables.

Fishing Industry

Cooling fish n board (fishing vessels). Maintaining the freshness of fish during storage and transportation.